Messages, Green bubble “Not Delivered”

This is an ongoing problem for me. When I try to send Messages to non-iPhone people about 75% of the time I get the “Not Delivered” error messages.

I have SMS and MMS both turned on in settings|messages

I am using iOS 12 on an Xs. THis problem also happened on my X with iOS11

Any suggestions?

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I experienced a similar problem yesterday after migrating to a new phone.

Let me guess… are you a Verizon Wireless customer?

I had to call them a couple times to get my phone to activate; eventually I had to read the IEMI and ICCID numbers to them and after a LONG time, it seemed to activate. Everything seems fine except for texting non-Apple devices.

I thought there might be a “carrier update” soon.

I had an issue like this and there were two possible causes:

  1. One of my recipients was on Verizon and having activation issues.
  2. I had a cannot send message on my laptop.

When I cleared #2 everything started working fine again. I’m on T Mobile using an XS Max.