Micro Learning platform (Need platform for Creating videos)

I’m looking for a web based tool to allow me to create micro learning videos. This is for work, so the platform must be secure.

I’m not the most creative of people, but I want to create training videos of a few minutes each, but be able to go back later and rework them.

Biteable seemed perfect, but they can’t assure us of their security measures.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

Are you looking for places to host the videos or do you need some kind of reporting mechanism?

SWMBO uses Loom Loom for Enterprise | Loom

Thanks for responding. I’m looking for a platform that helps me create the videos, we already have a platform on which to host them.

That looks like a Teams/Slack style took. I’m looking for something to help me make videos.

It records videos but then hosts them as well, from what I’ve seen nothing like slack ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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It’s very helpful for making short videos.

Are you looking for a structured learning environment (video, quiz, tracking progress, etc.) a so-called LMS (learning management system) or are you looking for a tool to record and edit videos easily?

For the latter, two tasks - recording the video – Many options, from simple Apple QuickTime screen recorder and up.

For editing - iMovie is very capable and easy to get started with.

If you want a little more capability, there is a whole genre of video editing tools aimed at non-full time, non-professional video makers. The best place to find them is on YouTube tutorials for “the 10 best video editing tools for iOS, Android, Mac, PC, or web” or similar.

If you want a few specifics, I can do some quick searches for you as I’ve looked through a lot of these in the past.

As @aardy mentioned, there’s Loom. Personally, I use Camtasia for screen recordings. Additionally, its video editing and annotation capabilities are quite impressive for what it is – in my opinion. Some people swear by Screenflow.

You could always use QuickTime to record your videos and then edit them in iMovie.

I have to use Windows at work, hence why I’m looking for a web tool to help me create videos. Unfortunately Mac Apps aren’t an option. We have a system for hosting the content. I just need to make videos.

There’s a bunch of online web based video editors - many are free. I haven’t used any of them so can’t recommend a specific one.

You can Google and then go through the write-ups and review or test drive anything that looks interesting.

Hopefully, someone else here can recommend one they have used to save time.