Microphone & Tripod Advice

Hi All,
I’m looking for advice about equipment to use with smartphones to record oral histories (audio, not video). Since these are first-timers, I’m looking for basic, low-cost, reliable, and if possible, something that would work on multiple platforms. I read somewhere that a tripod is a good idea even for audio.
I probably need to post this in the software chat, but for completeness, I’m open to recommendations for apps to record and store as well.
Thanks much!

If you are not looking for broadcast quality, there are plenty of great options for microphones. Some important things are to speak close to the microphone, in an otherwise quiet place while keeping an eye on the recording levels. A stand is great to avoid handling noise.

Something like a Zoom field recorder is basically built for things like this.

If you just need the recordings for transcripts, the phone itself is plenty good enough IMO.

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I don’t really know - it’s making recs for students who don’t have a lot.

Lots of possibilities at lots of different price points. I recommend you decide on a budget.