Microphone volume gets lowered semirandomly

I’m in Zoom/Teams/Meets meetings all day, and I use a Jabra Evolve2 headset, which I’m otherwise quite happy with.

However, every few hours I find out I’ve been “muted” by mistake by the microphone volume being lowered to 10% or so.
Does anyone know why this happens, or know how to fix it? It’s driving me bananas…

This happened on my Rode mic because I made an extension cable and didn’t realize the mic used non-standard connections (well, not what I expected is probably more accurate).

Anyway, if you have any kind of adapter, it could be that, or bad wiring.

Most of the times it happens because I lean/sit on the volume/mute button integrated into the headphone’s cable…

It’s bluetooth, and the volume buttons make a noise, so it’s not that.

Edit: I’m pretty sure it’s software.

I’ve never used Zoom, but I know Skype has an annoying “feature” that will dynamically adjust your microphone level. Have you had a poke around in the Zoom settings?

That’s interesting… I’m going to have a look-see in all the apps.

Edit: Looks like it can’t be easily disabled in Teams, but I did find a toggle in Zoom and disabled it.

Hopefully I’ll get through the day without punching the wall :slight_smile:

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Well, that solves that issue! Next audio issue: I keep having to manually choose my AirPods as the output on my iPhone, presumably because I’ve been using the computer, so the new “automatic selection” madness thinks I would EVER use the AirPods for audio when playing Spotify; not realizing that I ALWAYS want to use Spotify.

Is wireless audio the new chaos space in computing?

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I got a phone call the other day which rang on my Mac. Didn’t realise I had that turned on. I put my AirPods Pro in my ears and answered the call. 10 seconds later I turned my attention to the Mac, which is what the call was about, and my AirPods promptly switched away from the active phone call on my iPhone to the Mac!!

Now I need to find that setting and nuke it. I rarely use my AirPods with my Macs, and certainly not when I’m on the phone!