Microsoft’s Bing uses Google search results—and denies it

Does Bing still use Google’s search results to this day? Did they ever stop at some point?

Thankfully enough, they stopped placing Bing into certain shows…

I can only assume that nobody remembers when they created their own challenge, right? How well did that go? :rofl:

Wow! Look at that awful like/dislike ratio!

Considering that post is a decade old, I’m sure Microsoft has moved on


There is no way to prove that Microsoft has moved on though.

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What proof would be required for you to accept that they had?

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Does this really matter? Big tech shoveling our money back and forth to one another. I’m shocked.


If Microsoft admits that they’ve moved on, that’d be great. Even better, somebody could do the whole “Bing Sting” experiment all over again. That would prove if Microsoft is still copying results from Google or not. :slight_smile:

It is not normal.

If we assume that Google knows what we know, it feels to me like one of two things has to be true…

(a) Microsoft has moved on
(b) Microsoft is paying Google for results

If anything else were the case, I would imagine that we’d have seen a well-publicized court case where Google sued Microsoft. I’m obviously not a lawyer, but this seems like it would be prime ground for an intellectual property lawsuit of some sort.

If it’s (b), I think that would be colossally stupid of Microsoft as Google effectively owns their underlying business technology, and could theoretically revoke it at any time. But licensing / purchasing business-critical IP and services from other vendors seems to have a long history in the tech industry.

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Microsoft definitely isn’t paying Google for search results.

Google and Microsoft have gotten into many spats before.

Absolutely. But those spats are publicized, aren’t they? There are no articles about this in the last 10-ish years from what I can tell, which is why I’m inclined to think it’s no longer a thing. There’d almost certainly have been follow-up articles, articles about lawsuits, something in that long of a period.

I think debating a ten-year old article has probably run its course