Microsoft Word Format

Hi, Does anyone have a work flow for working with MS Word docs. I use apples built in apps and google docs etc. I really don’t need a MS office subscription and you cannot get MS word on its own. Although I can read the MS word doc I cannot edit or save, any workaround enabling me to create and send a doc in ms word format? Thanks

I thought Pages could save in word format (docs) etc. Convert Pages documents to PDF, Microsoft Word and more – Apple Support

in addition to Pages mentioned by @aardy take a look at LibreOffice. i think others exist.


In addition to Pages, I believe both Mellel and Nisus Writer Pro can import and export Word documents. Mellel is especially nice.

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Sure you can. You can buy Office Home & Student 2019 for $125 from Amazon.

But, as others have mentioned, there are other options if you don’t need Microsoft Word actual.

It works, but if you have complicated formatting it can get lost in the conversion. Not sure how much of an issue it is for most people, but it happened to me.

as above, like this:


I’m in the process of ridding myself of MS Office. Went through a bunch of files and converted them to Numbers and Pages. Very few issues. Two Numbers files had pivot tables that wouldn’t convert but those were archived files I don’t actively use anymore so no real loss. Only issue with a few Word files were font problems.

I have the advantage of not sharing files on a regular basis and when I do they are very simple files.

As @rms mentions above, LibreOffice will open and save Microsoft Word documents. I have LibreOffice set up to save documents in Microsoft Word format by default.

I’ve used LibreOffice for years when I’ve needed round-trip MS Office compatibility. Also handles my old WordPerfect files. I’ve never found Apple iWork apps to be sufficiently compatible, although they are my go-to for documents I don’t need to share.

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LibreOffice stutters and halts when working with big (hundreds of pages) files, though. For revision and change tracking on very lengthy files, Word is still king of its own format, to my dismay.