Mid Tier vs Top Tier 2020 iMac

Good morning,

I’m still debating which iMac is best for me. I’m debating between the mid tier and the top tier base configurations. Anyone have any guidance for what I’d be missing by going with the mid tier? I am a teacher… word, PPT, Zoom, Keynote and i do instructional videos but not a lot of photo editing. The extra 200 won’t make a huge difference of the 12 months of financing.


Perhaps hard to ascertain beforehand, but one advantage of mid tier may be fans not spinning up as much.

Quiet machines are underrated.

Will this be a 21.5" or 27" iMac?

I agree @Timo… I need a quiet machine.

@Zack it’s the 27”

For the uses you described, I’d go with the mid-tier config but put the $200 into upping the SSD size to 1TB instead of 512GB, and then spend $70 on another two sticks of 8GB RAM to install and bring the total to 24GB…

The RAM is here: https://eshop.macsales.com/shop/memory/imac-2019-27-inch

You might go one step farther and divide that cost over the expected life of the machine.

This could really go either way. A lesser processor could work harder and get hotter in a given situation than a more capable processor. I’m really not sure.

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