Migrating Apple Photos to new MacBook

I have a large library of photos in Apple Photos. What is the best approach to migrating those files to a new Mac? I’m using iCloud Photos. The size of my library is 158 GB. Is it better to copy the Photos Library.photoslibrary file from my old Mac to my new Mac? Or to turn on iCloud sync and let the new Mac suck all the photos down from the network?

I generally let iCloud handle it, but it is possible to copy the library manually.

I might be wrong, but if the last time I moved a Photo Library over, it seemed like it checked the existing photos library against the cloud photos library, which took a very very very long time and a lot of CPU.

So now I just download a new one.

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May depend on the speed and capacity of your internet connection. For the past few years I had to live with sub-optimal speeds and data caps. Changes the way you do stuff.

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