MindNode + Scribble = Awesome

On a whim I tried using MindNode with the new Scribble feature in iPadOS 14. It needs a little refinement and/or I need more practice but it works well. This is awesome because I brainstorm better using a pencil than typing. I can now do that with MindNode on my iPad. Give it a try.

I recorded a short screen recording, here.


This is great! how did you find the navigation, adding nodes, etc.? Were you doing that with the Apple Pencil as well, or did you have to mode-shift to a finger or the onscreen keyboard?

I just tried the same with iThoughts and it also works in the same way. I think it may be a great way of focussing with iPad in tablet mode, and will spend some time today pushing it to its limits with a complex Service Design piece that I have been struggling to structure correctly

The most efficient way I found to add / move nodes, change formatting, etc was to tap the iThoughts menu bar icons with my pencil too. In my simple testing I found no requirement to use on-screen keyboard or touch the screen with my finger…

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That is very cool. I think the best I’ve seen so far is the Things implementation of scribble. You can just start writing in empty space and then it creates a new task! MindNode would be even better if you could do that and it creates a new node.

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I used the Apple Pencil and it works well!


I agree. Hopefully they will move in the direction. Anyone have a connection with the developer to suggest this?

In our next update we will increase the input area a bit to have more space for the Scribble input.

It would be great to also create new nodes using Scribble, but so far we haven’t found a good way to make this work. In apps that have a list, it’s a bit easier to add this interaction as it’s clearer where to add the text.


@MarkusMS Awesome! The quality of your app and your responsiveness is one reason MindNode is one of the few app subscriptions I’m willing to pay. Keep up the great work!


Love this! Mindnode on iOS need some love for me. Writing in outline on a Mac works better IMO but this one would make me use the iOS version more.

The update I mentioned earlier is now available: https://twitter.com/mindnode/status/1311305824204185600?s=21 For best results I’d recommend to start text editing using a Pencil double tap on the screen as this will increase the text area right away. I hope we can ship more improvements in the coming months…