Mini Projectors

Anyone have a decent mini-projector they use with their iphones/ipads to make presentations and occasionally entertain the kids with movies?

Daughter wants one for either birthday or xmas. I’m looking for a tried and decent recommendation if anyone has one!


What’s your budget? The better ones cost several hundred dollars. (It’s always, always, a good idea to list your budget!)

The cheapest one Apple sells online is $300, and they sell two others from the same manufacturer, for $400 and $550. The ones recommended by PC Mag are $170-$500. The cheapest fairly acceptable model I’ve seen is this one, currently $64, though I’ve seen it in the past for $50, and you shouldn’t expect too much from it.

That’s a good question. Nothing solid, but I was thinking $150-250 USD.

I’ve looked at a lot of projectors and reviews, but more of them seem to be written as adverts rather than experience from actual users.