Minimal Desk Setup

I decided Id go over my desk setup in a little more detail than in my office renovation thread. It’s pretty minimal, and in fairness the photo is a little selective as sometime’s it’ll be my MacBook rather than my iPad, and fairly often I’ll have both on the desk. However I do a lot of my day job remoted in to work on the iPad right now, so this is a frequent situation.

I like to keep my workstation very clean. I find an expanse of empty desk surface helps me concentrate. Even with the exact same objects on the smaller desk I had previously I found the environment too claustrophobic (best word I can find for the feeling - I don’t suffer from the actual phobia). I try very hard therefore to keep stuff off my desk as much as possible. If I don’t need a thing, it gets put away until I do.

The PS4 DualShock controller is paired to the iPad, and I use it with PS4 remote play when the TV is in use and there are aliens or orcs or whatever that need murd’rin’ or outer space that needs explorin’. It isn’t supposed to live on my desk but I haven’t determined a convenient home for it yet. I can say without a doubt that the Sony Dualshock and Microsoft Xbox controllers blow all other MFi gamepads out of the water.

You can’t see them in the photo above, but the USB C cables for charging and for my external backup drive (velcroed under the desk) are secured at the back of the table surface with a couple of Bluelounge Cabledrops and the Ikea lamp has built in Qi charging.

The basket in the corner was an inexpensive buy from Amazon, and I squeezed my husband’s old Mophie Qi charger (he stopped using it because text messages would vibrate his phone off centre and prevent charging - the Belkin option was a lot more reliable) through gaps in the grille. I dump all the stuff from my pockets in here, including my wallet, and my AirPods Pro, which of course charge on the charger. I also keep a microfibre cloth to hand for quick screen dusting.

The other piece of important office equipment I guess is the laser printer. We have a colour Brother laser model with AirPrint support. It sits on a table next to my desk, and now my husband has finished his Master’s degree actually only gets very infrequent use. I had to dust it down to take a photo. I do occasionally have to print a character sheet for an RPG game.

Coffee is of course an important aspect of any good working environment :smirk:


It is a pleasant room for focusing. Thank you for sharing this and and explanations. Is the window shade always closed, or do you allow yourself the distraction of looking out? Assuming what’s out there is worth watching.

They’re Ikea smart blinds and they open automatically at sunrise. There was just a lot of glare this morning so I had Siri partially close them for me. :sunglasses:


I love that wall color.


Nice, I like the simplicity.

Same here, great color. That’s one of the only things I don’t like about my current home office setup, the walls are very blah.

The desktop is amazing… the woodgrain speaks to me. What is it???

It’s an Ikea dining table:


From your photos, I never would have guessed that the planks were an oak veneer. Truly looks like a more expensive table.

I like this thread. I was wanting to post something similar and instead of starting something new ill put it here. I want to share a minimal and ‘cheap’ setup I’ve been using. I dream of an iPad Pro, but i figured why wait for that day when i can start using my current iPad as my main computer. It certainly is minimal, and pretty much on the cheapest end you can get, but with apple cheap doesn’t mean bad. So, see pics below, but what i have here (and I am able to do about 90% of my work on this setup) is a iPad 6th gen, WiFi only, 32G (yep. The cheapest iPad- and while it struggles with some stuff and i have to be very careful with space, i still get stuff done), and old magic keyboard, Magic Mouse 1, Apple Pencil, $10 iPad stand, Homemade iPad desk booser (with magnet on the side to hold charging cord), and homemade pencil holder.
Minimal is nice. And if that needs to be cheap, that’s fine too. One day hopefully it’ll be a Pro up there!


I love this setup and I love your desk surface.

Thanks! I must give credit to my wife on that one, she recently restored this from an old desk i had growing up. She did great.

That’s really great, especially with 32GB. I really like the desk, stand and pencil holder.

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Thanks. Yeah, i wish for more storage! I have to balance things pretty carefully and offload a lot of stuff. I ended up not using iCloud photos on the iPad to save a few GB, and just have that on other devices. So that keeps me at a place where i have a few GB under 32… But of course doing anything with video is tough.

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I’ve tried to do something like this. I’m middle-aged though, so I keep putting that big screen back up for my aging eyes.

I love these kinds of posts. My home office is a chaotic antithesis of minimalism, but seeing what other people do with their spaces inspires me to clean up a little bit each time :slight_smile: