Missing Overcast - Siri-Shortcuts - where are they all?!


I see a lot of Siri-Shortcuts available in Overcast, but I only find a few of them in the Siri-Shortcuts-app, even when explicitly searching for them:


How can I access the rest of them?



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They’re in the settings of the Overcast app!


Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I know they’re there (I had this screenshot


in my original message, but I’m not allowed more than one image per message yet :frowning:) but from there (Overcast) I can only make a Siri-Shortcut for only one Overcast function.

What I rather want is to combine one of the Overcast functions with other apps into one Siri-Shortcut.

How can I do this when I cannot see all of the available Overcast-Siri-Shortcuts in the moment I create a new Siri-Shortcut in the library?

Thanks again!


One way is to use each of those Shortcuts, then when you go to make your own they should show in the Suggestions field.

Another way is to add each individually as you know how, then make another Shortcut that combines these together.

A bit odd, but it’s possible.

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Thanks, GraemeS, that does the trick: I made first a simple Siri Shortcut with this Overcast-function I wanted to use (“Get Share URL”) and after this it appeared in the overview so now I can use it in a more complex Siri Shortcut.