MMO mouse rather than stream deck?

I see all the stream deck love, but wonder if anyone is using a MMO mouse (the ones that have like 12 programmable buttons on the side). While the stream deck is cool with the icons, the functionality for day to day tasks/workspaces seems like having 12 programmed macros on a mouse would be way more usable….anything that I’m missing out on with the stream deck before I go decide to go with the mouse?

The regular Stream Deck has 15 buttons, but you can also make profiles which can use those buttons for 15 entirely different things.

To each their own, but I also think it’s a lot easier to look at a screen with icon/words to remember what it does vs trying to remember what the 4th button on the left by your thumb does.

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I believe you can do profiles with the mouse as well. I get the argument for the buttons being easier to use, but I’m not sure that is necessary for my workflow (really only have 2 work spaces for macro, and the rest are repeated/reused actions with a few text expansion phrases so multiple profiles is probably overkill).

I suppose better touch tool with a MacBook Pro probably does about the same, but I don’t like the Touch Bar and this allows more basic macros to be accessible without the bulk of a stream deck

With the mouse you have the added benefit of pwning other PvP players in World of Warcraft :thinking:

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