Mobile Document Library

I run a small business that has a lot of client interaction “in the field.” I am looking to create a document library of PDFs that I can easily fill in a few form fields on the fly, get signatures, and save to the client’s folder (there are hundreds of clients) with the least possible friction. We currently use Dropbox to manage our client files (and document library). We also have licenses to Adobe Acrobat, but am willing to look at another product if it is easier to edit, sign, and save on-the-go.

One complication I am running into is that even though I try to save the document in the client folder, it also appears to write to the original file in the document library.

Is anyone doing something similar? I am hoping to harness the power of cellular enabled iPad Pros. Is there a workflow that is working for anyone else?

I don’t know of a solution myself but I’m really intrigued by the idea!

I assume the document library houses all of the blank documents you may need. Maybe copy a blank document into a client’s folder, name it appropriately, then open that one and sign, etc. That one should be saved automatically to the client’s folder.

I don’t know a solution, but in recent weeks I had interactions with a field rep for Safelight and a separate rep for an HVAC company. Both of them had exactly that kind of solution on their iPads – fill in form, collect my signature and (in these cases) email me the completed and signed form from their iPad.

Adobe has the “Fill and Sign” app, and there’s Google Forms. But maybe checking around in business forums, such as Salesforce, etc., might turn up some other leads.


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Subscribing… I’m curious what’s available…