Mojave and Microsoft Outlook

I still have not updated to Catalina as I get messages that my disk is full (have been deleting like crazy but that doesn’t seem to be the answer). My Outlook also seems to have stopped pulling in mail. I have Verizon however a little over a year ago they sold off to AOL. Up to 11/20, my mail worked. I understand Catalina and Outlook don’t work together so maybe I don’t want to upgrade??? TIA

If you are getting disk full messages, then I definitely recommend getting that sorted out before you even think of upgrading.

I wouldn’t run macOS with anything less than at least 10GB of storage, and preferably more like 20.

I haven’t heard anything about Outlook not working with Catalina, but a quick web search does show a number of issues. Whether that’s 0.0001% of users or 10% of users is hard to say, but I’d guess that it’s working for most people. But if you are already having issues with Outlook and your current setup, I would definitely recommend getting that squared away before you consider upgrading.


Reached an Apple rep (finally…my life isn’t my own lately) and he helped me tremendously! Got to upgrade to Big Sur software. Now my issue is with Outlook for Mac. Took my computer to a Mac repair and he got my Verizon email to download and for me to send out (Verizon sold off their email server to aol). Now I am noticing in my outlook calendar doesn’t recognize my Verizon email so I can’t have a personal calendar. It does however recognize my 2 business gmail accounts so I have a calendar. Also none of my personal contacts came into outlook. So I don’t know if it’s an aol problem, Verizon problem or outlook problem. Suggestions??