Mojave Annoyances

For the most part I’ve been neutral about Mojave since I installed it. Dark Mode is nice – the rest is meh.

Except for the constant nattering to grant access to this-and-that app for these-and-those access rights.

And full disk access – why is that a thing? Ugh. I get the point, but the requirement to configure access for anything that needs full disk access shouldn’t be mandatory. Something like a checkbox in Privacy settings to “Allow Mojave to manage full disk access rights” is needed.

I agree, that full disk access restriction (which I understand the rationale for) breaks so many important things, and the fixes are not self-evident nor necessarily easy. I’m thinking of Backblaze as an example. Backblaze will simply not be able to back up large portions of a user’s data unless it has full disk access, and it doesn’t appear to be able to request access. A user may well blissfully continue on with their life with important data un-backed up. Even if you happen to have received Backblaze’s emails with instructions, it may not be easy for more novice users to follow, or a novice use might not understand the significance or importance of following the directions. And that assumes they even received the instructions! Thankfully backblaze is pretty on the ball here. Not all developers are going to be quite as effective at communicating what is required.

Most of the request popups and permission-granting are a one-time deal, and now after a few weeks of running Mojave I think everything has the permissions they need and I rarely see those alerts.

But man, I know this is going to create a support mess for some companies.

To me, it is managing full disk access rights, and is not allowing access until the user confirms

Which I users should be in control of deciding whether users should be [u]required/u] to confirm. Thus the suggestion that we get a check box. We are required to confirm (“Allow…” is checked) or not (“Allow…” is not checked). Think about it.

It’s my machine, my data. The level of risk I want to assume, including allowing free access to every app without being asked, is my choice, not big brother Apple’s.

Two of my peeves so far, and I know I will be in the minority on these:

  • We lost the ability to use the messages app to connect to jabber chat services.

  • LinkedIn dropped support for integration into Mojave

There is a 3rd one that escapes me, it’s also a service that’s been discontinued, and it’s not Back to my Mac.