Mojave Features Roundup -- Pro and Con

Some of the things I like or dislike about Mojave so far

  1. :smile: Continuity Camera – the ability to add images/scans from the phone or iPad to documents on the Mac while writing is cool and will be very useful.
  2. :smile: Gallery mode in Finder – not earthshaking but a lot better than CoverFlow.
  3. :smile: Dark Mode – covered in several other thread here
  4. :smile: New App Store look and feel – a much needed redesign. I like that it’s consistent with iOS’s app store but tailored to the Mac footprint
  5. :frowning_face: Constant nattering with apps asking permission for this and that – the update should have either inherited the settings from the pre-update state, or combined all these in a single, one-time dialog.
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I believe many of these permissions are new for Mojave, so there wasn’t really any β€œpre-update state” for them.