Mojave On Separate Partition ...?

With APFS, I should be able to create a separate Mojave partition in the same APFS volume, dual-boot into whichever one I want, gradually move my data over at my leisure, and then delete the non-Mojave partition…correct?

As far as I can tell this is absolutely workable, because APFS partitions share the same space on the volume - but I’m just wondering if there’s something obvious I’ve overlooked before I start the project. :smiley:

I know I can create the partition in APFS - I’m more asking if I can clean out the High Sierra one later with no weird effects.

I would like to think the answer is “yes”, but I don’t want to break anything. :slight_smile:

I tried something similar in the past (pre-APFS I think), but Disk Utility refused to merge the partitions or remove one and resize the other. I ended up with 2 partitions…

I hope that was me doing it wrong, because I would like to do it again now (on a different Mac) for Mojave (currently less than 100 GB of 500 GB used; hoping to split that single partition in two, clone the first partition to the second partition with SuperDuper!, and try out Mojave on the second partition, but eventually end up with one 500 GB partition again).

That’s pretty much what I’m hoping to do, exactly. Because APFS allows the creation of a second partition for Mojave that shares the space with my High Sierra partition, I’m hoping I can move files over with no issue, and then torch the High Sierra install once I’m confident everything works over on the Mojave side. :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention: that original 500 GB partition is FileVault 2 encrypted. I would like the two smaller partitions (after splitting) to be encrypted as well (clone the encrypted partition to an encrypted partition).

How can I achieve this?