Monitor arms and alternative solutions for lowering 27" monitor

Our Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q 27" at its lowest position leaves 4" of space between the bottom of its screen to our desk. (see photo). We want to close that gap so that the bottom of the monitor screen touches the desk surface. I know most folks are looking for more height. We have several family members using this workstation and want to accommodate them all :slight_smile:

What monitor arms can you recommend?
What other solutions are possible?


I have a few of these monitor arms (different brand, same thing), that work for me. You should be able to move the monitor all the way down.

I have this Amazon one that was around $30. Works great. I did have to buy an adapter plate for my LG monitor, but all-in was less than $50.

I have the dual monitor version of this and would happily recommend it. The gas spring makes it trivial to adjust the height of the monitor at will…

I have a Eizo CS240 hanging off mine, which is 6.0kg according to the spec sheet, so it ought to handle your U2718Q with ease.

@salad makes a good point, with multiple users something easy and quick to adjust would be nice.