Monitor help for new MacBook

Have a 2017 iMac that will be handed down to the wife, and I decided to upgrade my 2013 MBP and going to try the external monitor/clamshell life for a bit. I think a MacBook Air would be fine for my needs but bought a 14” MBP (thanks MPU, this is on you!). Actually the ports would be useful, as I will probably take my MBP to work and plug into my dual 1080p hdmi monitors. I plan to use one hdmi port, and I already own this hub…

(Anker USB C Hub, PowerExpand 11-in-1 USB C Hub Adapter, with 4K@60Hz HDMI and DP, 100W Power Delivery, USB-C and 3 USB-A Data Ports, 1 Gbps Ethernet, 3.5mm Audio, microSD and SD Card Reader

I need the hub to get me usb for my dictaphone anyhow, so hoping I can just do dual hdmi with this.

For home use I am considering a 32” 4k or an ultrawide 5k. For those with new M1 pro MBP can you give some insight into hdmi out vs usbc quality.

  1. will usbc be sharper than hdmi?
  2. are refresh rates higher with usbc than hdmi?
  3. are there any scaling issues if I go with 5k ultra wide (aka can I still scale with 5k, or is this limited to 4k, am a bit unclear). Am not sure this will matter, I prefer my 27” retina iMac in scaled with text as small as possible so even native will probably be ok

Am hoping that hdmi will be as sharp and support ultrawide, would certainly make finding a large monitor much cheaper.

Also, I’ve read a lot about 4k not having issues with scaling but many 1440p monitors do have issues which is why I was leaning away from them. If this isn’t true for those of you coming from iMac retina was a step down to 1440p a huge downgrade?