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Maybe someone in the community knows about this:
What’s the best website monitor tool there is?

I’m helping a company that have approximately 150 sites on their server, only Wordpress/Woocommerce solutions. Sometimes “things” happens and sites go down. Of course they want to know this before their clients do.

I googled this and got some interesting hits, but it’s almost alway better to get tips from a communtiy like this.
Here’s what I’m curently looking at: Top 15 Best Website Monitoring Tools & Software: Free & Paid [2021]

Any nice ideas in this area?

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Pingdom has good taste in podcasts. :wink:

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If I had to give a one word answer for uptime only, I’d say Pingdom. We use UptimeRobot which used to be a steal but has recently bumped their prices. UptimeRobot isn’t quite as nice.

For understanding application performance, you probably want New Relic from that list. There are better options but probably not anything that would work well on one server hosting 150 sites. You’ll have to pay a lot of money to use New Relic on that many sites (their pricing is optimized for product companies), so I would recommend monitoring all 150 with Pingdom or UptimeRobot and then using New Relic on the top troublemakers. Learnings from that will apply to many of the other sites.


I like statuscake. It even does a bit more like checking SSL certificates.

I vote for, I know the founder but not biased here. I think overall they over great value.

Edit: If you are into privacy first tracking, Fathom offers monitoring on top of tracking.

Thanks for the input guys! :+1:
They are on Plesk, and Plesk just announced “Plesk 360” with built in monitoring. I’ll start with checking that out.