Monitor paired w/M1 to replace iMac 5k

I’m thinking of a future plan to replace my existing iMac 5k with an M1 MacBook Air/Pro in the short term.

My issue with using a retina macbook in the past is pairing it with a display that gets anywhere close to the iMac 5k.

Can anyone recommend a display that would provide a nice single USB-C/Thunderbolt connection with power delivery and a a decent resolution.

I suspect, but do not know for sure, that LG panels are used in 5k iMacs.
But anyway, this should meet your requirements.

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Yes Im aware of the LG Ultrafine. In an ideal world something for well under 1000 pounds/dollars would be great.

Prepared to take some hit on image/panel quality and tick the boxes on single cable connectivity.

Just to open up your options… Consider pairing a Thunderbolt dock with a ‘regular’ / non USB-C/Thunderbolt monitor. That’s what I did and the combination of Monitor + Dock was still way cheaper than the newer version of the same monitor that had USB-C built in.