Monterey --- I ran the beta, do i need to reinstall now that it's released?

Just checking … I ran the Monterey beta, and I’m all up to date.

But … do i need to reinstall Monterey now that it’s released?


Check System Preferences > Software Update to see if macOS wants to be updated further.

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Going off memory from previous years, but if I’m recalling correctly, you need to unenroll your Mac from the beta program or you’ll still be getting beta-track updates.

I don’t think you’ll have to reinstall anything.


Is the official version, 12.0.1? Because that’s the version I am testing on Monterey.

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This is right and the next time Monterey updates after, you will update on the normal/releases channel. Nothing will happen yet when you unenroll, assuming you are on the most current beta release.