Monterey - Kudos to PopClip Developer

Props to PopClip developer Nick Moore at Pilotmoon software!

Just updated one computer to Monterey and (of the many popups) one is for PopClip. Clicking through takes you to a support forum page letting you know PopClip is fine with Monterey but some of the extensions need updating.

His page lists them, shows the count of downloads (useful to him and interesting to me) and has a poll re: his next priorities! Many of mine were not affected; but a handful were.

About PopClip on macOS Monterey - PopClip Forum

Magically, he knew which ones I needed as all mine were within the “done list” :slight_smile:

I LOVE this extension. Heard it mentioned in passing on a show YEARS ago and hunted it down:

‎PopClip on the Mac App Store

It’s as essential to me as TextExpander and LastPass (was the one I started with, before listening to MPU).

It warms my heart to see such a user-centric fix for an app, I’d still be singing their praises even if all or most of the extensions I needed to update were on the “to do list.”


Nick is an awesome guy!


Thanks for the heads up! I depend on this app and it’s great to see how actively developed it is.


+1 on the PopClip love. I, too, find it a subtle but indispensable utility. I really dislike using a Mac that does not have it installed.

It may be obvious to many, but it’s worth noting that it is not terribly difficult to create your own extensions. This can be a useful path when you have some unique needs or ideas. — jay


It took me a while to figure out when to use it, but man, is it ever indispensable now. Title case. Lowercase. Urlencode. Word count. Character count. Even copying a website selection into Markdown!

It’s all just muscle memory now. Are there other tools to do all those things. Yup, and I have a bunch of them — but they aren’t under my cursor the moment I need them (and accessible with a key press too, thanks to Hammerspoon).