Monterey Menubar Not Working Correctly?

I have version 12.4 installed and I’ve noticed that menubar items like IStats Menus and Little Snitch are nowhere to be found in the menubar. When I connected the MacBook to an external monitor, the menubar items show up there. It’s like it is trying to hide menubar items on the smaller 14-inch screen, but some apps like IStats Menu have no UI outside of the menubar, so that doesn’t make sense. Anyone else having this problem?

Bartender may be your friend here

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I think the menubar is working as it should, but the space is limited and MacOS decides if space is available or not (depending on the screen size and the application window that is currently active).

You have limited means configuring the items in the menu bar using the system preferences:

You can decide which apps you would like to see and which not. So, this way you can make sure to some degree that the most important to you should visible at all times (you have to disable items in order to gain space).

The better option is the one @rkaplan has mentioned: MacBartender is a must have for me because as you already stated: there are apps that need to be visible in the menu bar to be of use. And especially on small screens you will get to the point sooner than later that you end up with quite a lot of apps that need to be visible on the menubar at all times. Eventually, the menubar below the menubar is a must… :wink:

Wow, this has to be the dumbest thing Apple has ever done! They reduce the space to introduce the notch, but don’t give you anyway to deal with the limited space? I wish they would at least allow you to reorder the menubar items so the nonsense I don’t care about gets hidden.

Anyway, I hid a bunch of menubar items I don’t need and got back my IStats Menu and Little Snitch items.

If you hold command, you can drag the menu bar items to reorder them.


Thanks, I did not know that! But not sure how I can do that when some of the items are hidden by the notch.

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