Moom + Automator

I have a MBP that I connect to a 27" monitor when working from home. After hearing the guys talk about Moom I decided to give it a try and it’s awesome! I also went further down the rabbit hole and created a workflow that opens all of my “work” apps.

Right now, I hit one keyboard shortcut to run the workflow and open all of the apps then another keyboard shortcut to trigger Moom and arrange said apps.

Any idea how I can get that down to one keyboard shortcut? I tried assigning the same keyboard shortcut to both, but Moom overrides the shortcut and the workflow won’t run. I also looked at adding Moom to the workflow, but that doesn’t seem possible.

Two keyboard shortcuts is fine, but I’m having fun with this and wanted to see if I could be even more efficient. :smiley:

I like your thinking, but the problem is the second action is just a general keyboard shortcut for Moom, it’s not a part of Automator. I may be missing something, but I don’t see away to “fire off” Moom via Automator.

I completely misunderstood. Sorry.

Have you looked at Brett Terpstra’s Bunch app?

That looks pretty cool, but I don’t think that gets me any further than where I am now. It looks like that would just replace what I’m currently doing in Automator.

What are you using to create your keyboard shortcuts?

Nothing… I created a service for the Automator action to which I assigned a shortcut. Then I assigned a shortcut within Moom.

How about if you combined the Automator and Moom actions in a shell script and then run the shell script with a keyboard shortcut?

Do you have Keyboard Maestro installed?
You could have that fire of both items with one shortcut.

:flushed: Oh man have you sent me down the rabbit hole. Yes, Keyboard Maestro works perfectly for this.

There goes many hours of my life… and $36 :joy:

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I’ll make it worse for you: KM can do it all natively…

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