More random Siri frustrations

I finally gave up and disabled “read notifications” because Siri wouldn’t stop thinking that whatever I said next had to be a reply.

But now, I have a different weird issue. I’ll say “call Sam Smith”, and then Siri will sometimes say something like “just to confirm - you want to call (reads out an otherwise-context-free phone number without the name)”

I have no idea if it’s correct, because I don’t know the number. That’s why I have an address book. I have no idea whether it guessed the contact correctly, because it doesn’t tell me who it thinks I meant. So unless I trust Siri to have guessed correctly, I basically get to go look up my contact, verify the phone number, and then hit “dial” - at which point Siri isn’t all that helpful.

Anybody have any idea what causes Siri to do that?

Sheer cussedness! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That indicates Siri isn’t confident that it understood you. I get that a lot from “HomePod mini” Siri.

If you feel you are enunciating clearly, try creating a contact with a very simple name, like “blue”. Then see if the same thing happens when you say “Call Blue”.

AFAIK Siri still calls the mothership on these requests so the problem could be any number of things.