Most Unusual iPad Accessory

Here’s my vote:


Replaces a roughly $5k piece of equipment.

Used for performing semen analysis and to calculate the dilution amounts of extender needed to create insemination doses at a particular motile sperm per dose.

Been watching the system in action as the USDA researcher we’ve worked with on sheep reproduction is using our place as his lab for some poultry work he’s doing in the area.

I can’t really think how I’d use it but it’s a cool device.


Well, you have my vote!

From their website, this made me cringe:

**If you choose the option with the iPad please add in the comments during check out your Apple ID and password. We will not be able to set it up with out. Thank you

Yeah me too but that way they will download and install all the software for you. If I was to buy one I’d create a separate apple user ID just for that device and change the password as soon as it arrived.

FWIW a lot of the medical/veterinary stuff wants your log in credentials to lots of places to even get the device or software they are selling. I think it’s because the companies do not want to deal with the tech support of the novice user screwing up the initial install.

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