Motorized Exterior Shades with Homekit?

hey MPU,

Considering a summer project possibly if its cost effective. 2 rooms in our house get excessively hot in the afternoon. I was looking into getting sun shades that would be put on the exterior of the home. They have a motorized option with a remote control. I am trying to figure out if there was a way I could automate them. I doubt that it’s compatible with HomeKit, but was wondering and hoping maybe someone had already tried. I am only aware of Lutron Serena Shades but those are interior. Thoughts?

I wonder if you could control them with a universal remote and Homebridge. There are a couple tutorials out there. Here’s one where someone is controlling a ceiling fan that came with a remote.

Found these with Google. Have no experience with them, but webpage claims will work with Lutron Caseta (which is HomeKit certified).

For general interfacing of fans/shades etc. without proper HomeKit support, the bridge is a good start. It has public REST API so could write your own shortcut and there is also HomeBridge plug-ins.

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What does the remote look like? Could you use a switchbot?