Mouse for iPad pro

Best mouse for use on iPad Pro?

the magic trackpad (but… not a mouse)


The Magic Trackpad givens you access to a bunch of touch gestures.

I don’t know if there is a way to customize mouse gestures if I have a multiple button mouse. Right click (control-click) and scroll wheeling would be supported but I don’t know about a 4 button noise. It would be totally rad if we can assign SIri shortcuts to our buttons.

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It is still early so I assume things will improve with mouse support. I have found the best experience is the Magic Trackpad, however I also use a Logitech mouse that can be switched between three devices easily. It uses Bluetooth and Logitech’s wireless protocol.

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I’m a trackball guy and to my surprise I found I do not own any Bluetooth pointing devices. So I went out and bought this one:

Looks like a knockoff of this Logitech Trackman, which Amazon says I bought in 2009 – and I believe it replaced an earlier unit of the same model.

To my surprise, I do not often use the trackball with the iPad Pro. I seem to be fine reaching out and touching the screen.

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You can still map custom actions (for example, Shortcuts) to different mouse buttons if you happen to have a mouse with a plethora of buttons. However, you have to turn on Assistive Touch and go into those settings to get that added functionality.

The Magic Trackpad 2 offers the smoothest functionality (but of course, no custom buttons). But it’s way better and more natural feeling on iPad than a mouse.

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Thank you very much everyone - I really appreciate it!

Next question

Once connected, is there a way to let the ipad mouse take over a remote mouse when using RDP?

Not sure if there is a change within Settings/Adaptive touch?