Mouse or Trackpad for MBP 16"?

I’m getting a Keychron K2 (I think?) for Christmas (first mechanical keyboard!) to complement my 16" MBP that I’ll have on a stand going forward (getting old has its advantages in getting new toys!).

I’m wondering about a pointer device to go along with the keyboard. I don’t think I’ll go with the trackpad, but I’m curious what other suggestions are out there.

Thanks for any info or advice!

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I run both (Magic Trackpad on the left, mouse on the right) but I use the trackpad much more than the mouse.

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What’s your mouse of choice? I kinda like the idea of the Magic Mouse 2, but something with some heft like the Logitech MX series looks powerful, too.

While I also have a couple of Magic Mice, I’m running the Logitec MX Master 2.


Magic mouse for right hand, trackpad for left hand, Logitech MX 2 for my work windows machine and for things like Blender that need the middle mouse button that a magic mouse doesn’t have. Although I did find a mouse button app that made a middle mouse button on the magic mouse.

With my MBP16, at both my office and my home, I have a trackball with a scroll wheel to the right of my ergonomic keyboard. Alternatively, I prefer a mouse. I use the built-in trackpad when I am in portable mode.


I use a trackpad. I use Spaces/Mission Control extensively, so having gestures is really important to me.

I’ve never used a trackball before, but I’m keen on trying one out.

I really don’t do much more than word processing, but there’s the occasional work in iMovie, too.

Which trackball do you use?

I have the wired Expert Mouse from Kensington. I do a lot of visual-layout development that requires me to move the cursor and scroll pages.

I really like not having to move my hand around, and the scroll wheel is far easier than a scroll button on a mouse or swiping around on a trackpad. I also like that I can program the button clicks with different context sensitive menus or options. For example, I can click on the two bottom buttons simultaneously to see all my desktops across my monitors.


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I have generally prefers a mouse but for some reason lately I’m using a trackpad with my MBA in clamshell mode. For me the external trackpad feels better than the one built into the keyboard. Once I got used to it I really like the Magic Mouse. Only weak spot is the way it charges. When using the MBA standalone I usually use the mouse with it. I just prefer having my pointing device to my right than in the center of the keyboard.

Another “trackpad to the left of me, mouse to the right” user here. For me the trackpad is the main device for “using the computer” with coarse pointing and gesturing. The mouse (a Magic Mouse 2 for me but I get why people don’t like it) is for precision work such as in a photo editor, and sometimes to give my left hand a rest.

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