Mouse pad for School

Does anyone have any suggestions for a mouse pad that would be good for School. I use the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and carry my computer in the Native Union Stow sleeve ( Looking to purchase a mouse pad that I could bring along to limit the debris that attaches onto the bottom of the Magic Mouse.


Before I switched to the Magic TrackPad I used the easily portable 3M mousepad, which if I remember right was about the thickness of a few sheets of paper. (If you’re taking it around with you you don’t even need to remove the adhesive backing sheet.) Very slippery, lasts a looong time.

According to Amazon, when I bought mine in 2012 it cost me 80¢ more than the current $5.89 price.

Before I got it I simply used the front or rear covers of glossy magazines. They’d wear out after a short while, but replacements were ever-present and free.