Mouse with Touch ID

Doesn’t exist right? Sure would be awesome if so.

Unfortunately not, it has to be an Apple device, and it needs to be wired. Apple doesn’t have a great track record with mouse devices though.

It is not a TouchID, but the Apple Watch is a reliable working replacement.


Is that true? Apple has a wireless keyboard with TouchID… so it seem to work via Bluetooth. It does need an Apple Silicon Mac though.

As far as I understand for TouchID to work, you have to use it wired. I don’t own it, so this might not be accurate.

very true, although often I find reaching for Touch ID on my Mac faster, such as when authorizing 1Password, etc. It’s a real first world problem, wishing I didn’t have to move my hand from my mouse at all ha ha.

no, you have to have it wired to pair with the mac but once done it works wirelessly.


I haven’t used a mouse now for more than 10 years, and did not miss it a second. But I know that there are two fractions about that around the world… :smiley:

But I also think, that it could be some kind of “dangerous”, to get too easy access to the TouchID. If it would be mounted on the mouse, it would either be always below your finger, so it could also unintentionally be activated, or it has to be placed into a position, away from the fingers, to prevent that, and in this case be some kind of uncomfortable again.

I would like a Magic Trackpad with a Touch ID button.

Instant purchase. :slight_smile:


That’s a fair point Ulli. I used to like tapping on my mouse using better touch tool, rather than having to actually click. But I turned it off because of how often I would inadvertently tap unintentionally.