Moving a pdf in icloud drive folders for pages, numbers and keynote

Hi all,

Question: I am trying to move some files in my pages, numbers and keynote folders on icloud drive.
What I found out is I cannot move pdf’s inside those folders using the finder.
I can only move them out of those folders.

Anyone else seeing this? And: any way to fix this?

Just tried it myself - does not work :open_mouth:
Looks a bit to me as if Apple is taking decision on the users behalf when it comes to distributing the data … unbelievable!

Confirmed. Also confirmed with Numbers’ folder. But I can drag a .numbers file to Numbers and a .pages file to Pages. I guess, “why not limit what goes there”? Is Apple merely ensuring compatibility? I can drag .docx to Pages’ folder and .xlsx to Numbers’ folder – which is compatible with the apps.