Moving to tags from subfolders in Omnifocus 3

Curious with OF3, has anyone moved to more of a tag based system and away from using subfolders?

My needs maybe aren’t as big as others and although I’ve been on OF3 for only 2 weeks, I’m wondering if using having both a bunch of subfolders and tags is complicating things more than it should.

Yes, it’s nice to have multiple tags tied to a task but then I’m thinking if I do that, why not just get rid of subfolders for the most part.

I use them for very different things. Folders (and sub folders) are to group my projects -allowing me to use the Focus feature in a logical (to me) manner. Tags are for finding tasks with commonalities. That said, I avoid some tags - e.g. at work there’s nearly always a computer available, so I tag the tasks that don’t need a computer - such as phone calls, errands, etc… That meant when my SSD died on Thursday (really), I could do the non computer tasks until I got a replacement machine.

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Interesting (and sorry about your SSD).

I use folders/subfolders to group my projects and with only one context previously, that made sense. But, I’ve never used the Focus feature so I will look at that now.

Thanks for the reply, as always.

Similar to @RosemaryOrchard, I use folders to group related projects, while tags group tasks across projects. For example, all my work projects are in a “Work” folder. Some of those tasks require me to be physically present at my workplace to do, so they have a “Location: Workplace” tag on them. Others can be done while I’m working from home, so they don’t have that tag.


This focus mode is quite interesting. I like it.

One question - if I’m in the forecast view on my Mac and hit the Focus button, is there a way to not have it show my calendar events?

No, there isn’t. But you could make your own “Forecast” perspective which would exclude calendars :slight_smile:


I do something similar, most tags have a heading and a subheading like “Shopping:pharmacy” to give a sort of self made folder and context.

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