Moving to Things for task

With Fantastical moving to subscription, I started wondering if I should wait to move to Thing3 to see if they make the jump. Right now if I were to get all the apps, it would be $80. I would hate to pay that money only to need to jump on a subscription plan this year. Thoughts on what to do? Wait or just bite the bullet now?

How would you know how long to wait?

are you thinking that Things is moving to subscription?

Tweet Cultured Code and ask if they will help you make a purchase decision by telling you if they are moving to subscription in 2020.


Even so, I doubt Things (Cultured Code) would drop support straight away for older versions.

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Great point, not sure but many apps in their space are moving to subscriptions if not already there.

Many of the apps in the Task Management category already are subscriptions. It seems likely they would make the move too.

Ha. I don’t have enough “twitter clout” to warrant a response. I’ve tried tweeting Overcast and Marco multiple times about an issue I have with Overcast/Siri Shortcuts. I’ve heard no response.

To be honest, part of me wouldn’t mind if Things went to subscription. Perhaps that would encourage/require more frequent product updates and some transparency of the roadmap. I really like using it but I wish I had some idea of what they were working towards or what new features were planned. Or perhaps that information is available and I’m just not looking in the correct places.

I confess to having played with Todoist a lot lately and subscribed for a month at this stage to see what it has to offer.

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Well, don’t feel too bad… I get even less than that :wink:


I’ve tweeted Cultured Code in the past and they’ve responded.

Post to their timeline, don’t DM.


I was undecided about an app just last night until I figured out from the comments that it HAD been a subscription. However, they returned to a flat rate because their customers had been unhappy!

I found that quite encouraging so I bought it!

There are plenty of people disgusted by the subscriptions and their numbers appear to be growing. Most people can’t continuously pay and pay, yet own nothing.

I thought Things 3 was pricey to begin with and they practically abandoned their earlier users with the overhaul. Can’t imagine subscribing!

A few comments:

I try to always keep in mind that in several years time there will likely be another solution I may want to try. so a subscription with a low enough price broken down over several years, I will live with it if the feature set is of high enough value. As far as I know, from my research into task management, cultured code is not headed that direction. But who knows. But the comment above that they moved away from that model in the past brings me confidence.

In addition, when thinking about the features I would like to see brought to things, most of them are likely too niche, with one big exception: completing recurring tasks early. Others like more native Shortcuts support could be coming. I have been appreciative of how quickly iPadOS 13 was implemented as well. So it’s hard not to at least have a little bit of faith in the ongoing development, despite additional subscription revenue.

Do you really need things on all platforms? You could always try it out on the phone or iPad and test it out. I did this by buying the iPad app first , since the management of projects and tasks can be cumbersome adjust the phone. Once I discovered the keyboard shortcuts and other elements not obvious in the UI, I was hooked. I bought the iPhone app. And then I waited until there was a sale for the Mac app, and pulled the trigger there as well. I’ve gotten a little over a year out of it now. If I only use it for the next 2-3 years, I would’ve considered it a valuable purchase.

Why wait?

When you compare things 3 to the competition, in terms of value, it is definitely very high on that list. It seems to me that there are certainly missing features that many would see valuable, but those features don’t justify the higher cost for me. And yes I’m thinking of OmniFocus, among others.

For me, it was three features that created more value than the price:

  1. Keyboard shortcuts. (And many of those shortcuts don’t even have a UI equivalent - like moving tasks with one press, a day, a week, a month forward.)
  2. Start Dates well implemented. (The only other contenders in this realm, OmniFocus and good task or 2do, just require too much fiddling to get it working the way I like it)
  3. UI/UX is simple, comprehensive. (it carries much of the apple essence, since many of its features are not represented by an additional button, but selectively hidden in an appropriate place)
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Tiny, vocal percentages, sure. Are those people also disgusted and complaining about cable TV, Netflix, Internet, phone service, games & MMORPGs, music streaming, audiobook rentals, etc? There are literally over 100 million people subscribed to streaming music alone. Software has just (re)joined the club.

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