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I would love to hear ‘Cooking Ideas’ revisited now that our hosts have tweaked and improved their techniques over the last few years.

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So I have another request, there are many of us who live in both Mac and Windows worlds. What about apps that work in both?

So far my short list is:
Microsoft Office
Text Expander
VS Code
SQL Server Operations Studio
Splashtop Remote Control Software
All the web browsers

Would love to hear of others, as I still live in both worlds. Bonus points if there is also a version for iOS. Of my list Microsoft Office, Text Expander, Kindle and Slack have iOS versions too.

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I’d like to get guests who do things differently, even very differently, from the hosts and can explain why!

I’ll give one example from my own usage (not that I want to be on a podcast): last I remember David used RSS for a few dozen sites tops, and he used some feed host that was different from mine (can’t remember which, sorry), and I remember his wanting to check out all results that came in. By comparison, over the years I’ve accumulated an RSS site list of 1300+ sites, broken down into categories of interest (Arts, Audio/Music, HomeDesign, Cooking, Macs, News, Photography, Writing, Lifehack, Travel, Local, and a few others). I look at the feeds as a river of news and I don’t try in the slightest to check everything (the same way I follow thousands of people on Twitter, have them peopled into Lists, and use Lists and Nuzzel to get focused info). More, the feed service I use has a unique ‘Infrequent Site Stories’ tab which collates posts from sites which have particularly low-volume or scattered postings - which I find extremely valuable so I don’t have to keep alert for those postings; some sites to which I subscribe post only a few times a year, and RSS is ideal for following along.

Another example: Marco Arment has in the past advocated on ATP that for most people he thinks a NAS or a Drobo is overkill, and that they’d probably best be served with external storage unless they needed a NAS’s ability to serve media wirelessly, or do torrents, or other things (like maintain one’s own private Dropbox-type service) that are particularly geeky.

Another: Scottish iOS maven Fraser Speirs recently bought an Android phone, and the school he’s an administrator for has gone in with Google Suite (and to an extent Chromebooks) in concert with their iPads. In his podcast with Federico Viticci he’s gone into that a bit, and his price-performance decisions based on his personal and work needs are very interesting.