MPU T-Shirts Secret Stock?

I bought one of the MPU T-shirts in April, and it quickly became my favorite shirt. Great fit, comfortable, and a classy logo on the front. By any chance, does @MacSparky or @ismh maintain a secret underground warehouse with additional T-shirts for sale??

Haha, we don’t, but I suspect they’ll make a comeback next year


I’ll be first in line, and this time order more than one!

I love my Mac Power Users shirt too. It’s extremely comfortable!

You could always nab an ATP M1 shirt while you’re waiting for the MPU ones to return. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but just not as classy a design as the MPU shirt!

I’m holding out for the M1X :grin:

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I’m pretty sure you meant the M1 Pro and the M1 Max! :wink:

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Can I claim that I was using “X” as a variable that could take on the values of “ Pro” or “ Max” :grin:

You can, but we’re going M2 Pro and Max for the next iteration, so you will be waiting for a while. :slight_smile:

I’m holding out for the M1Max Pro Double Stuff Deluxe :star_struck:


@RosemaryOrchard makes an excellent point in the next Automators episode publishing this Friday.

M1 Max


M1 Macs

Two very different things.