MPU Topic - iPhone as a Communicator

We’re working on a future show about the iPhone as a communication device. The outline is looking good and I think we’ve got the basics and a few advanced topics covered but I’d love to hear strange and interesting ways you are using the iPhone to communicate with other.


I don’t know if this counts but me an my partner have one single Apple Notes we share. It started off as the grocery list but morphed into a communication tool. Instead of emailing her something I’ll just post it there. She needs a copy of my Drivers Licence? I rather put it in the note we share in Apple Notes instead of it living on a Google server and taking up space in iMessages, plus I can delete it after she’s done with it and it be gone from both our ends.

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Similarly to @ecophoscys I share a Reminders list with my parents, so instead of them asking me to do something the next time I’m at home they put it there (and naturally most of the time I can resolve the tasks without being there in person!). At work we use RocketChat and having that installed is extremely useful - we had a break in recently and being able to send the photos straight to my boss without having to transfer them to my Mac was very useful.

I’m also a member of several WhatsApp groups for interests (pub quizzes and the like), this is much more convenient than email, especially with the relatively recent addition of replying to specific messages.

I am a licensed amateur radio operator (KJ6TTR) and have an app on my iPhone called Echolink. I can use my iPhone to connect to internet-linked radio repeaters all over the world. (A ham radio license is required because when you transmit, you are transmitting over a radio transmitter at the remote location using VHF or UHF radio frequencies.)

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The feature I use least on my phone is the phone …
I would like an app that combines all messenger services (iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger etc) like Apple does it with iMessage and regular text messages already. It gets annoying if there are so many places to communicate. I‘m glad for the badges here. But it’s important to get rid of unnecessary groups etc to use them efficiently.

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Clever! Adding this to the outline.

Great idea. Adding to the show.

On the heels of the new Walkie Talkie feature of watchOS, have you heard of Zello? You can do some pretty wild communications with that…

Oh, another one. I have a CEPT1 (equivalent to ARRL/FCC “Extra”). Don’t use EchoLink, because I am only interested in DX.

Most of the time I use my MBP. But sometimes I use iDevices to:

  • log QSLs
  • code/encode digital modes (mainly PSK31, but also ultra-low power modes)

Also some automation in there (AppleScript to send QSL data from the digital mode software to the logging software).