MPU563 remark: search all mail big sur just works as expected for me

on MPU 563, the Big Sur episode, @ismh and @MacSparky mentioned that searching all mail from the search box meant clicking something to work.

I’ve been using search in big sur since it came out, and it always searches all mailboxes for me.
Whatever mailbox I’m in, it will always default to searching all mail. Which then appears as a “search” entry at the top of the sidebar.

Am I missing something here?

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Yes…sort of. I have favorites in sidebar and favorites bar. If I have one of those selected, and do a search, it will only search within my selection. I then have to select ‘all’ in order to have it search all mail. Quite an annoyance.

That’s really strange, I have the dame and no matter where I start a seach it’s always a general search