MS Word Question-Browser?

I’ve only worked in Word sporadically over the last 10 years. I use it when a Word document is sent to me, but I seldom compose documents in Word.

However, I have the need to do so for a project. Occasionally, I need to work with Word online. Is there any advantage to using the Edge browser rather than Chrome or Safari with Word online?

I’ve found Safari to be slow when working with Microsoft 365. IMO, Edge is a much better browser than Chrome.

Edit: I apologize for my brashness. I responded too quickly to this.

Chrome does work with Microsoft 365 and it’s a better option than Safari. In Safari, things seem to load slowly and their appearances and/or positions on the screen will be off.

I will usually recommend using Edge over Chrome though, since I’ve found it works better on my Macs. Also, it’s all in Microsoft’s ecosystem. I live in and prefer Microsoft 365 World to Google World. I’ve found syncing to be more consistent too.

If you use Microsoft 365, I recommend getting the Microsoft 365 Extension. It’s available for both Edge and Chrome.


That is very helpful, thank you. Much appreciated.

Microsoft Edge… :wink:

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