Mulling a standing desk

Thanks for the replies all. Very useful to hear your comments and has heightened my interest in the standing desk.

I think that, based on your feedback, weight will not be an issue but I will need to plan my cables carefully and leave plenty of spare by the sound of it.


I went for a Fully Jarvis, it’s got no problems raising and lowering 2 laptops, 2 heavy monitors, monitor arms, speakers and loads of other desk-clutter. The Jarvis website says it’s got a lift capacity of 158kg (inc desktop which is probably around 20kg maybe), looks like the IKEA one has a max 75kg load. I would guess you’re unlikely to exceed either limit there! :wink:

So far I’ve been really happy with the Jarvis! Even when sitting, being able to fine tune the exact hight is lovely depending on if I’m bolt up-right concentrating or lounging back watching a video. Being able to set it to standing is also great for working with someone else so they’re not having to lean over.

I don’t use the standing feature everyday but at least a few times a week. To be fair, I think it takes a while to get used to the fact that you can stand up. Probably need to set myself a reminder to use that feature a little more often.

Some things to keep in mind when shopping:

  • Height presets / position memory? I opted for that and it’s definitely a nice feature to have.
  • Range of movement (the Fully Jarvis extended range legs & the IKEA one look to be similar in that regard)
  • Desktop, the Jarvis had a 80cm deep top which was what I wanted though you can get a “legs only” kit if you want to source your desktop from else-where.

I second the Jarvis nomination. It’s heavy-duty, but it’s not really that heavy, if you need to move it.

I love mine, and weight on the desk is no problem. I even have my old typewriter on it. Have I mentioned I have an old manual typewriter? :wink:


I’ve been using a standing desk in various forms over the past 7 years. Ive found that I can’t concentrate on “deep work” when standing. I would often use it at the office when I first got in and was processing email and planning my day. Then would sit for the actual work.

It was also helpful for days when I was coming and going from my computer often. Makes it easier to duck into the Mac and then head to a meeting or to do something away from the desk.

Since I’ve been home and don’t have a stand up desk, I’ve found that feet up on the desk with the laptop in my lap is the new deep work mode, where sitting normally at my desk is the new standing mode for admin type work.

The benefit, for me, has is less about standing, and more about options and changing things up.

Ultimately anything that gives you the ability to vary your positions throughout the day is a good idea.


I love my standing desk for when I’m on zoom calls or running virtual workshops. My posture changes my mood and I come across as a lot livelier (I’ve been told) than when seated. The webcam, atop my monitor, picks me up much better than when I’m seated too.

I still ache after using it … just in different places, because I’m using different muscles. I got it because sitting felt like it was killing me - i hurt all the time - and I think the key is to move between standing and sitting, rather than just choosing one mode.

Even more important: get a good standing mat. They make a huge difference. Checkout staff and machine operators - people who stand all day - use them. So should you.


I have a standing desk for about two years. I don’t use it exclusive. I mix up standing and sitting. For standing, comfortable standing shoes are important or a gel mat. And move around. My desk is loaded up with a large Apple monitor display and heavy books. The desk goes up and down electrically, no problem.

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Agree with you Kevin. Deep work pairs well with sitting down. Standing or even sitting in different location helps with planning & ideas. Varying positions through the day helps; though need to constantly remind myself to shift around!


Which one did you get from Ikea? They have a few?

Using an uplift desk ( ) for the past several months and I love it. Now that I’m working from home 3 days a week it’s nice to be able to stand up and get the legs stretched after I’ve been sitting for 2-3 hours. Having multiple programmed desk heights allows me to go from sitting, to standing with keyboard at waist height, and then keyboard at chest height while leaning on the desk. There are also a lot of cool extras like an under the desk hammock that I use to prop my legs up when sitting, and an under the desk exercise bike that lets me get a mini-workout while getting work done. There are also tons of cable management options which have provided me with the cleanest desk setup I’ve ever had. I can’t say enough good things about my standing desk! Make the purchase, you’ll never go back after using one.


Thanks @Izzy, sounds like good advice. I am particularly keen on good cable management and have a Drobo and music system which I am planning to hide in another small unit on the floor under the desk.

Uplift Desk has good selection but based on US meaning high shipping cost and power converter required for Australia. Looking around for equivalent in Sydney. You guys have it good in US :ok_hand:

I got the Idåsen in the smaller of the two sizes (120 x 70 cm).

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I just tasked our office manager with replacing my desk with a standing desk (motorized, presets,…). Let’s see how that works…

@robin I am looking at the Idåsen. Do you find the cable management net good enough or have you added additional items? I am thinking of perhaps screwing an additional cable management tray underneath if the net is not big enough - some people have commented elsewhere that it is small or too tightly stretched.

The biggest issue I saw when I was looking at standing desks was stability in the “raised” position. I’d go to your local Ikea, raise the desk up to whatever height you plan to use it at, and check the stability. Look for side-to-side wobble in particular.

As long as you’re happy with that, I’d get it. It’s rated for something like 154 pounds, and there’s a 1-year return policy (at least in the US) - so risk is relatively low, other than having to transport the desk back to the store for the return once it’s assembled.

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To try it out, I built one out of an Ikea Lack table, shelving brackets, and a shelf. Instructions here:


I find it good enough, but only just. I have a big power strip in there with a couple power bricks plugged into it, including the power supply for the desk itself. It works, but it is a tight squeeze and kind of a pain to plug and unplug anything. I think an extra cable tray underneath would be a nice addition.


I can only comment on the benefits of being able to change positions while at the desk; in my case, the desk height doesn’t adjust, the user does. The countertop-style desk I built is permanently at standing height and we simply use taller chairs if we want to sit (bar stools were fine but we have chairs now.) My wife and I will never go back to standard height desks. We both find that our comfort and energy during a work day changes often enough that having multiple options on how to work in front of a workstation is critical to our productivity. I feel like the ability to change positions (sitting, standing, standing but leaning back on a tall chair, leaning forward w/ elbows on the desk) prevents fatigue and bad sitting posture.

I believe that if one must do a lot of desk work, being able to change positions whether with a height-adjustable desk or tall desk with a tall chair is better for one’s physical health than a standard desk. I don’t know if it’s “good” per se, but at least it is less bad.

Uh oh, I feel like I’m about to go down the rabbit hole of the efforts required for good physical health in general (e.g., Strength Training / Barbell Prescription), so I’ll cut myself off here.


Have asked a related question regarding control apps for standing desks in another thread.
See here: Standing desk apps

I have the IKEA Bekant and just had it shipped from Austria to the UK with my other things - so I really like it! There is a bit of wobble when I’m using it at the standing height, but not a huge amount and as I got it for less than half price second hand in a like new condition, I’m very happy with it. Especially with my shift to working from home forever, I can’t wait to be in my new place with my desk so I can stand for some time every day to make up a little for my lack of walk to work!