Multiple Browser Tabs In Separate App ….?

I have a couple of limited-use web-based workspaces that I’d like to isolate from my main workflow.

Let’s take social as an example. I’d like to be able to pop up a space with my Facebook, Twitter, and a couple of social management tools, leave it open for awhile, and to be able to target it with Quitter (Marco’s app) for closure in 30 minutes if I haven’t been using it.

Social is just a single example - I have a few different workspaces like this.

I could do the launching with tab groups, but then it’s not its own separate thing….and it’s harder to shut down automatically. Especially if it winds up accumulating other windows via clicked links in emails, DEVONthink, etc.

I’ve looked into Unite and Fluid, and they’ll allow me to have separate tabs once they’re open - but they won’t let me auto-launch multiple tabs. I suppose I could have all of my apps as separate Unite or Fluid apps, and then create a Keyboard Maestro shortcut to launch all of them when I wanted to - but that adds a fair bit of visual clutter to my dock.

Any thoughts as to an app that would let me do this?

How about separate browsers? You have some decent ones to choose from in macOS: Brave, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Epic.

I was thinking about that as a possibility. I use Chrome and Firefox for other purposes (web dev testing mainly), so those would be out. Are there any in that list that you prefer, other than those two?

Perhaps some better Tab Managers mike work.

The two best rated that I know of are

SessionRestore and
Tabs Saver

Then you might want a way of quickly opening some sites in your browser of choice. Choosey is my favorite for this.

I have Firefox on my Mac and it seems fine, and I like the secure privacy ‘container’ add-on it built just for Facebook, so if Facebook is one of the sites you want to isolate you’re ahead of the game with it.

My main browser is Brave, so in general that’s my preference. But Microsoft Edge, like Brave/Vivaldi/Opera/Epic is based on Chromium, and Microsoft is iterating on it quickly. It’s very stable.

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