Multiple tags in Omnifocus 3

Is there an easy way to quickly add multiple tags to an item in Omnifocus 3 besides typing them in or scrolling? Multiple tags makes my tag list rather long for doing either of these.

iOS or macOS?

Experimented with text replacement or TextExpander?

If these tags are common to all items in a project or group, you could add them to the project/group. New actions automatically inherit tags from their parent(s).

On the Mac, you can also use TextExpander to add multiple tags. Just make sure that you add a return character after each tag. For example, the following would add both the “Home” and “Vacation tags” (assuming these tags already exist).


Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work on iOS. As far as I can tell, OmniFocus 3 for iOS doesn’t current support snippet expansion within the tag field.

Ahh…text expander may work, will try that out on the iOS. Thanks!