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A bit of a long shot… I’ve really gotten into mixing/producing songs (using Studio One now, btw) and was wondering if anyone would recommend a good community (MPU quality?) or learning resources they have used.

One really good instructor I have watched a few classes from is Bobby Owsinski. He is over at LinkedIn Learning, formerly I began listening to music in a whole new way after these classes.

Look for

  • Audio Recording Techniques
  • Audio Mixing Bootcamp
  • Audio Mixing Master Class

He uses ProTools, but the classes should be generic enough to apply to any DAW.

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This is the definitive forum for Studio One:

but there are always knowledgeable people (and pertinent archived discussions) over at Gearslutz:

Thanks for these. I hadn’t looked at GearSlutz before.

I think the more general Audio Mixing courses will really help me most at the moment, it’s the holidays and LinkedIn Learning has a month-long free trial. Seems perfect!

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Studio One is a great straightforward recording app. I know a few musicians who are refugees from ProTools who use it regularly.

Gearslutz is a fantastic site to lose yourself (and mind, and wallet) into. Just be aware that the participants, often with years or decades of experience, can easily give contrary, opinionated advice on gear and technique. Still, a marvelous resource, with lots of talented, helpful people (and a few jerks). I’ve been on the site for nearly a decade.