My 10.5" iPad Pro (on the go) Homescreen

They are SQLPro for MSSQL / SQL Server which as its name implies is for SQL, and Flowdia Diagrams - for flow charts (I’m not that big a fan of it, but I’ve only had a few files I’ve needed to use it for, and it allows 4 for free - I’ll probably use Grafio later instead).

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Thanks, I mainly work with mySQL, so not really needed.

I also work a lot in PHP, DraftCode looks interesting but all of my work flows through git to a Jenkins server. I have yet to see a nice workflow for iOS, Working Copy is nice for quick fixes. Few things beat PHPStorm on Mac for my needs.

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I live in PHPStorm too most days. It’s hard to beat that, but when I’m on the go these guys do a good job of letting me program.

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This is a seriously genius idea.

Can you expand on this? I have been curious as Raspberry Pi uses for myself. Never thought to create a portable development server. This needs a workflow! :rofl::star_struck:

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768 Workflows!!??!!??

I can’t imagine. I’ve never used the app to the fullest. I’ve got 80 Workflows of which I use maybe 5 or a semi-regular basis. I WANT to use it but aside from those 5 or so it’s never stuck. But also, even at 80 my brain just get’s a bit lost remembering what I even have in there. How do you possibly keep track of so many? What percentage of those get active, daily or weekly use?

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A lot of the time they’re in Launcher widgets that only show up in specific locations or at certain times. Some are in Launch Center Pro with time or location triggers, and others are grouped. I find most with the search :slight_smile:

It brings to my mind a question that I think will come up more with Shortcuts and iOS 12, what are people doing with the app? I’ve browsed the gallery and tried a few. I’ve made a few. I’ve read Federico’s posts and almost any other post I’ve come across. There seems to be a disconnect in discoverabilty and integration into real life use. I suppose that’s what Apple is trying to bridge with increased app integration and Siri suggestions in iOS 12. I use my iPad many hours a day… too many. But somehow I’ve failed to discover the ways that I might be using Workflows/Shortcuts.

Perhaps some people just have the kind of work that is better suited to it? Or is it a different kind of thinking that leads to more actively seeking out workflow type solutions?

  1. Is there a way to download your wallpaper somewhere?
  2. You have an extremely big collection of workflows. You really shoul make a big and detailed blog post about that.

It’s a stock wallpaper :slight_smile:

I’ve done lots of blog posts about some of my workflows. But a lot of them are unique to me or contain personal information so can’t easily be shared. :wink:

:heavy_plus_sign::one: on this one, Rose. I’m very interested in how you’re using that RaspPi—and the bit about on a plane? This sounds like a great blog post topic. I don’t know if it fits in with your blog… but hey, why not?

It’s sat in Drafts right now with a “draft” status on it!

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That is a huge idea, you should make an article in your blog about this.

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That is fascinating. I am also a developer (Python / Django and JavaScript / Vue, mostly) and I’ve never found coding on my iPad to be a realistic endeavor. But the raspberry pi is such a good idea. I’d love to learn more. I’ve never used Coda seriously. Could you share a bit about how this setup works? Thanks!

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You’ve got great timing, it’s a bit long to talk about here, but I just published a blog post about it!


wow i had no idea workflow could run scripts over ssh

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Yup! It sadly can’t handle SSH Keys, but for something like my portable server that’s not too much of an issue :slight_smile:

That’s great. Thanks for sharing. I just placed an order for a Raspberry Pi W Zero and will try this out for coding on the go.

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I am not sure what I expected, but wow


Hi @RosemaryOrchard! I just wanted to let you know that I finally set this up on your recommendation and I love it. I still can’t do everything I would like, but pairing RealVNC with a Raspberry Pi server I can SSH into has been magical.

I would still love a Sublime Text editor on the iPad, but I’ll take what I can get!

Thanks for your suggestion and blog post!

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