My 10.5" iPad Pro (on the go) Homescreen


That is fascinating. I am also a developer (Python / Django and JavaScript / Vue, mostly) and I’ve never found coding on my iPad to be a realistic endeavor. But the raspberry pi is such a good idea. I’d love to learn more. I’ve never used Coda seriously. Could you share a bit about how this setup works? Thanks!


You’ve got great timing, it’s a bit long to talk about here, but I just published a blog post about it!


wow i had no idea workflow could run scripts over ssh


Yup! It sadly can’t handle SSH Keys, but for something like my portable server that’s not too much of an issue :slight_smile:


That’s great. Thanks for sharing. I just placed an order for a Raspberry Pi W Zero and will try this out for coding on the go.


I am not sure what I expected, but wow


Hi @RosemaryOrchard! I just wanted to let you know that I finally set this up on your recommendation and I love it. I still can’t do everything I would like, but pairing RealVNC with a Raspberry Pi server I can SSH into has been magical.

I would still love a Sublime Text editor on the iPad, but I’ll take what I can get!

Thanks for your suggestion and blog post!