My 9 year old and TikTok taught me a Mac/iOS Trick I never Knew

My 9 year old daughter showed me an iPhone trick from TikTok to quickly get flight info- turns out it has been baked into iOS and MacOS for over 7 years but I never realized this even though I fly the airlines a good bit.

See Full Details Here:

The Fastest Way to Get Detailed Flight Info on Your iPhone & Mac « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks.

Simple demo in Tip # 1 here:


Good tips, thanks for posting.

I once lost a rental car in a large shopping center on my first day in a new city. It was late October and raining and I had to hire a cab to drive me up one lane after another until we found the car. Try explaining that on an expense report. :grinning:


I also remember watching a video years ago where the designers of a stadium were one of the first to take human nature into account with the layout.
Knowing most people go to the right, they angled the barriers slightly to the left, in an attempt to provide an equal and opposite lure that way.

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Hah, I suddenly remember that trick from the opening story of Mage: the Ascension’s technocracy guide. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love that “go to the left”, because that’s always been my default. I’m left-handed.

The iOS trick is new to me as well.

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iOS trick works in other contexts. Ex: on any text selection for example af65, it pops up a menu, go right on the menu, and there is “look up”, which will bring up the flight preview

Attached screenshots to show step by step


Maybe the easiest way: pull down to open Search then type the flight number. Done.


I read this book int he 80s and always bear left. I’ve had people with me tell me it doesn’t matter, then they have to say “oops, I guess you were right.” :slight_smile:

Always Bear Left, and other ways to get things done faster and easier


Not really a trick but I always go through the Business Class security. Way shorter lines and no-one checks.

When going through toll booths (or whatever you call them these day) in a vehicle I found that going to the right is best nearly every time. I just completed a round trip to Chicago from DC a few days ago and this was true. It might be because people associate the left lane with the fast lane or passing lane.

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I’m left handed and always go to the left knowing everyone else is going the other way.

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