My Current Home Office

I am new to this forum and I thought I share my home office to introduce myself :smile:. I work as a process engineer in Bavaria (Germany) :beers:, as a โ€œrealโ€ engineer according to Dr. Drang.

To manage the massive number of files and reference data which I need for my work I use mostly DEVONthink. Right now, to organize my knowledge and projects better I am experimenting with Tinderbox from Eastgate. However, it still feels like I am Homer Simpson in the nuclear plant control room. Task and projects I manage with Omnifocus.

My main driver is the new 16" MacBook Pro (32 GB, i9, 1 TB SSD) which I bought after it was released. The MacBook is OK. However, I still have some mixed feelings about it. The i9 gets too hot and with it the battery goes empty. As main monitor, I use an Eizo 24" which is excellent but too small. I would like to upgrade to the 32" 4k model but money. To check technical drawings and process set-ups I use an iPad Pro 11" which is perfect for this task.


Iโ€™d have no problem quarantining myself in this office.


Lovely office, looks like a good place to get on with work.

Regarding the heat and i9, I found that most of the heat is coming from the GPU, and the addition of an external GPU meant for me that the MacBook hardly ever even gets warm to the touch, before it was getting red hot every day. It does depend on your workflow though, mine involves a lot of visualization and lots of open windows. I got the BlackMagic Vega 54 and it has also made a huge difference to the speed of my 16โ€.

Thanks for the tip. I will think about it since I need a thunderbolt dock anyway.

Great office.
Question for you, I have see you have the trackpad to left of the keyboard, I am curious what do you use it for? I struggle to do any real mouse pointing with my left hand.

Maybe they are a lefty

I spy with my little eye, some BinderTek binders!
(I think)

Logi vertical mouse on the right.
(Still could be left-handed though.)

FWIW on my relatively space-starved desk at home, I moved my mouse pad to the left of my keyboard, with the mouse still on a pad just below the desk surface.

While Iโ€™m right handed, I sometimes like to give my mouse hand a break and e.g., scroll with my other hand.

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These are Swiss Bundesordner.


I only use it for swiping and zooming. This I can do with the left. My main pointer is the vertical mouse from Logitech. I switched to it since I noticed some wrist pain now and then. It worked, the pain is gone.


Nice set up. Omnifocus is also my task manager of choice as well. For awhile I was using an iMac (2014 21" 8gb 1TB) but since my last move in summer 2019 have only used my 2016 13" MacBook Pro. I also use a 2018 iPad Pro.

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Nice and clean! Do you like the color red?

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I have some more details for those of you who are interested:

And my main network stack:

To hide the mess I build a cover out of frosted plastic:

And my two Synology boxes. The big one I use as the main unit and the little one spins up every week for an extra backup: