My devices are homesick

In the last week I moved from NC to TX. I have my Mac set to automatically set the time and time zone and it works… kind of. It will switch back and forth between CST (correct) and EST (old time zone) periodically. Further, my weather widget in the task center switches back and forth between my actual location and the old location. Is something cached that it can’t let go of?

This is actually happening in iOS and WatchOS too. I looked at my watch earlier and thought “I can’t go for a run, it’s pouring down rain”… it is pouring down rain, AT MY OLD HOUSE :joy: Nice and sunny in my new location.

Are you still using the same WiFi access point as you did in NC? One of the ways devices (especially those without cell service or GPS) get your location is by consulting a database of WiFi network locations.


I couldn’t get that to work, but it seems to have resolved itself.